After releasing a mysterious date, Taylor Swift publishes new photo on Instagram
Fans speculate that she will release a new song.

On Saturday, 13, singer Taylor Swift posted an image on her Instagram profile, releasing a mysterious date. In the first image posted by the blonde, you can see a heart made of jewels with the following caption: "4.26", which means April 26. Whoever visits, finds a countdown to the date.

Already this Sunday, 14, Taylor posted another picture on the Instagram with "4.26" in the legend. In it, it is possible to see the singer using jewels in the fingers and with the colored nails. 

In less than 20 minutes, the post reached more than 280,000 tanned. The two images were also posted on Twitter.

Check out the image Taylor posted on Instagram

Check out the image Taylor posted on Instagram

On Twitter, Taylor fans went crazy with the photo. "Taylor stop playing with my feelings," said one surfer. Already another wrote: "Silence, Taylor Swift is coming back."

What the singer will release later this month is still a mystery, but it is speculated that she will release a single from her next studio album. Taylor's latest album was released in 2017 and features songs like 'Look What You Made Me Do', 'Call It What You Want', 'Gorgeous' and 'Delicate'.

(Image: Reproducion/ABC News)



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