In a new single with Brendon Urie, Taylor Swift 'kills' was cobra and gives life to the 'butterfly' era
The blonde's name was one of the most cited on Twitter.

The singer Taylor Swift released her newest single this Friday, April 26, called ' ME! ', with the participation of Brendon Urie, vocalist and guitarist of the band Panic! At the Disco. With less than 3 hours on Youtube, the music video has reached more than 13 million views. Only on Twitter, Taylor's name was quoted more than 595,000 times.

The clip starts with a snake sliding down the floor and then transforms into countless butterflies after the animal explodes. Then Taylor appears furious, speaking in French in a discussion with Brendon. All this in front of the singer's chicks, Olivia and Meredith.

Then Taylor leaves the house and the music begins. "I promise that you'll never find another like me", says an excerpt from the song. In the images, the blonde lives in a fairy tale, moves to the side of several dancers in a street.

Check out the 'ME!' music video

Until Brendon jumps out of the window and floats through the air with the help of an umbrella, a clear reference to the film 'Mary Poppins' of 1964, and for many, a tribute to Taylor's boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn, who is British.

Brendon and Taylor meet and try to conquer her by giving several things, until he comes up with a cat, who delights the singer, who appears in a pink dress pouring a powder of the same color, as if it were a waterfall. 

Then the two emerge performing on a stage in the years 60 and thereafter the clip is marked by a lot of brightness. In the end, Taylor appears in a long dress pouring a colored liquid and Brendon moves his arms, causing the same liquid to appear in the air and fall to the ground like rain.

A few weeks ago Swift had been teasing his fans on social networks, publishing mysterious photos, which actually referenced the clip of 'ME!' .

(Image: Reproduction/Youtube)



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