Learn how to create the meme 'Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder', the so-called Dolly Parton Challenge
Assembly is the newest fever on the internet.

The singer Dolly Parton, 74, ended up creating the first viral of 2020 on the internet, last Tuesday, 21. She posted a montage of four photos on her Instagram profile, each related to a social network: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tinder. In the description she wrote, "Get a woman who can do everything".

Her publication already has more than 745,000 likes and more than 11,000 comments. The official Instagram profile even left a comment: "We love a trendmaker in each of her looks". On Twitter, the hashtag #dollypartonchallenge was one of the most used on Friday, 24, adding up to more than 68,000 posts.

On the LinkedIn part, Dolly posted a very formal photo, as the platform is dedicated to people who want to find a new job. On the Facebook part, she chose a smiling photo. 

On Instagram, she opted for an image where she appears smiling and holding a guitar, very spontaneously. And on Tinder, one of the biggest apps to meet new people, the blonde chose an image where she appears dressed as a bunny from Playboy magazine.

To create the montage, there is a very simple way, just search for Layout from Instagram, both in the Google and Apple app store. Just choose the four photos you want and choose the template that leaves them aligned, two on top and two below.

Then you save the photo and go to Instagram. There, you go on the option to add a storie: 'Your story'. Choose the photo and enter the names of social networks and then save. You can also use the Canva app, which has dozens of fonts for text.



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