Google Adsense: application that shows the gains will be discontinued
By the end of 2019, the app will leave the virtual stores.

Google unveiled on Monday, 15, that the Adsense application, advertising service of the technology giant, will be discontinued. In the Play Store, the app has more than 5 million downloads and was last updated in December 2017.

The note that disclosed the fact, was signed by the product manager, Andrew Gildfind. "We have reviewed our mobile strategy. As a result, we will be focusing our investment on the AdSense mobile web interface and sunsetting the current iOS and Android apps.",  says a snippet.

Most Adsense accesses are sourced from mobile devices and the service intends to invest in this area. "By investing in a common web application that supports all platforms, we will be able to deliver AdSense features optimized for mobile much faster than we can today. Later this year we will announce improvements to the AdSense mobile web interface", says the note.

By the end of this year, the Google Adsense app will no longer be available for Android and iOS: "Will be deprecated in the coming months, and will be discontinued and removed from the app stores by the end of 2019", warned. No exact date has been disclosed for this to happen. Soon, users will have to adapt with the Web version of Adsense.

Currently, who accesses the to see the winnings, finds the computer version, or can use the version for low bandwidth, which is quite simple.

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